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Learn more about the real people, events, and legal and human contexts of the play, as well as getting resources for further reading and exploration on your own. We’ll be adding to this page during the play’s run, so check back with us!

Overview of the Play

These articles dig in specifically to the creation of the play, the mind of the playwright, and thoughts on other productions.

The Real People of Roe

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  • Horizon: ROE People & Events Timeline (Text Format)
  • Horizon: ROE People & Events Timeline (Full-Color PDF)
  • The Life and Legacy of Norma McCorvey (PDF) (a 2018 scholarly article from the History Commons)
  • The Weddington Center: for in-depth information about Sarah Weddington’s life and work
  • Harvard Library: Joshua Prager Collection on Norma McCorvey and Roe V. Wade: features both original and photocopied documents compiled by the journalist Joshua Prager in the course of his research for a book about Roe V. Wade. The full collection includes correspondence, photographs, printed material, speeches, articles, financial records, journal entries and notes, pro-life poems and songs, notebooks and journal entries, speeches, court documents and depositions, prayer cards, contact lists, and travel itineraries. This material documents the personal and professional life of Norma McCorvey, as well as the history and the aftermath of the 1973 Roe V. Wade Supreme Court decision. Joshua Prager received much of this original material in 2011 from McCorvey’s former partner, Consuela “Connie” Gonzales. In 2014, McCorvey granted Prager ownership of the papers he had received from Gonzales. Prager collected some of the other Roe V. Wade research material found in this collection by contacting people from McCorvey’s past.


ROE V. WADE: The Case

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Miscellaneous Information