Equity and Impact at Horizon Theatre Company

Our Equity and Impact Statement

Horizon strives to create a transformative environment free of oppression where all people feel welcomed, valued, heard, respected, and empowered.

Our Journey 

At Horizon, we are on a journey of moving from a focus on diversity and inclusion for the past two decades to a new goal to create a truly anti-racist theatre. At Horizon it was easy for all of us, regardless of race and proximity to power, to reflect on achievements in inclusion when we stood at the forefront and sometimes alone in programming for the Atlanta African-American community 18 years ago. Then came 2020 and unapologetic honesty of the times. With the help and growth experienced through active participation in workshops and forums locally and nationally, many hours of learning have been followed-up by heated staff and board conversations to explore and clarify the call of the time.

Now we have collectively committed to a social justice reckoning as an institution. We hired Keryl McCord and Equity Quotient to assist us in developing our organization-wide EDI/Anti-Racism plan as part of a new strategic plan. This past year, we joined the OF/BY/FOR All Change Network, a year-long program for cultural organizations to receive support in making their organizations more inclusive, equitable and relevant. Our intent is to develop a process to understand and serve our community better, beginning with our patrons of color and continuing into all aspects of the theatre, including staff, operations, artists, and board. 

Where We Are Headed

As a result of this focused journey, and in addition to our New South Play Festival (23 years) developing new plays by writers from the south, women, and writers of color, Horizon has created The New Georgia Woman Project: Black Women Speak. Helmed by our award-winning African-American Associate producer, Marguerite Hannah, Black Women Speak is an exciting new play development project that amplifies the voices of women of color by increasing the cannon of new plays by and about black women. 

Horizon’s equity and impact work is an ongoing, focused effort across the entire theatre. Check back often for updates on our progress – we are excited to share them with you!