Rent AVENUE Q Puppets



Are you interested in performing Avenue Q? Look no further! We offer a full set of 30 puppets for Avenue Q or Avenue Q School Edition, with pre-dressed duplicates for every scene in the show. No need to change any puppet costumes!

Ours are handmade, professional-quality puppets, created for our Equity Avenue Q production by LA’s Russ Walko.

Shipping charges are the responsibility of the purchaser in addition to any rental costs using a professional carrier. Local rentals can arrange direct pick up and return.

Call 404.523.1477 or email us with questions or for further information, including pricing.

Princeton x7 Graduation Gown, Casual Act I, Naked, Tank Top, Robe, Casual Act II, Wedding Kate Monster x4
Casual Act I, Casual Act II, Naked, Wedding Dress
Trekkie Monster x2
(no costume changes)
Nicky x3
Hoodie, Pajamas, Wedding
Rod x3 Suit, Casual, Pajamas
Lucy T. Slut x4 Night Show, Robe, Casual, Reformed Bad Idea Bears x2 Male, Female Ms. T/Butts x1 Ricky x1 Newcomer x1