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Horizon is now seeking male African American non-Equity adult actors for paid roles in the second production of our season, WILD WITH HAPPY. This uproarious comedy by Colman Domingo (Oscar nominated for Rustin) was a huge Off-Broadway hit. Actors of all orientations are strongly encouraged to submit! 

SYNOPSIS: Gil is a man on a mission to find the perfect resting place for his mother. When his vivacious mother passes, Gil returns home and decides to have her cremated – despite his raucous Aunt Glo’s desire for a traditional funeral and burial. Then his flamboyant best friend (Mo) takes him on an unexpected road trip with his mother’s ashes, and a furious Aunt Glo follows in hot pursuit with the sensitive funeral director (Terry) in tow. Both outrageously funny and immensely touching, Wild With Happy is a wild ride through love, loss, and just maybe, The Most Magical Place on Earth.  

AUDITION DATES: Non-Equity actors may either request an in-person audition time, submit an audition video, or both. Videos should be submitted no later than Sunday, June 16, 2024. In-person auditions are June 18, 2024 and callbacks will be held June 24, 2024.

AUDITION REQUEST: For information on the audition requirements and to submit your video, go to

REHEARSALS: Begin July 16, 2024. Rehearsal hours will be 6:00-10:0pm, Monday-Friday and 8 hours (TBD) on Saturday/Sunday until we begin tech.

PERFORMANCES: Wednesday-Saturday @ 8:00pm, Saturdays at 3:00pm, and Sundays at 5:00pm. Soft Opening: August 16, Opening Night: August 23, Closing Performance: September 15.

TERRY/OTHERS: 30-year-old very good-looking African American man, very bright spirit. Prince Charming.

MO/OTHERS: 40-year-old African American male, vain, and sassy. Masculine-looking, well-built, with a dash of “lady.” The fairy. 

The roles of GIL and AUNT GLO have already been cast.

Horizon is now seeking Equity and non-Equity adult actors for paid roles in AMÉLIE – THE MUSICAL. A captivating, critically acclaimed musical from London’s West End based on the beloved French film Amélie. We encourage actors and actor/musicians of all racial/ethnic backgrounds to audition. Diversity will be a priority in the casting of the company. Local Atlanta actors are encouraged to audition.

SYNOPSIS: Amélie is a shy and imaginative young woman living in Paris. With a heart as big as her city, Amélie secretly improvises small but surprising acts of kindness that bring joy to those around her.  But when a chance at love comes her way, Amélie realizes that to find happiness she’ll have to risk everything and say what’s in her heart. Join Amélie as she discovers the extraordinary in the ordinary, touching hearts and inspiring dreams along the way in this enchanting new musical. 

AUDITION DATES: Equity auditions will be Sunday, June 30, 2024 at Horizon Theatre in Atlanta, 12-10:30pm (break 4-6:30) by appointment as requested in this form. Accompaniment by the Musical Director. If unable to audition on that date, AEA actors may submit a video audition (see instructions below). AEA video submission deadline July 1st. NON-EQUITY actors should submit a photo/resume and video audition unless you have received an “invitation to audition” email, and in that case you should follow the email instructions. Non-AEA video submission deadline is June 25 to allow time for Horizon to send invitations for an in-person audition on July 1. All callback auditions will be in person at Horizon Theatre in Atlanta, on July 2 and 8.

AUDITION PREPARATION: Please prepare the sides and music for your chosen character (sides found at appt link), 16-32 bars of another song that shows your range, and a short selection on any musical instrument you play. An accompanist will be provided. Please bring 2 copies of your headshot and resume stapled together.

AUDITION REQUEST: For more information on the audition requirements and to submit your video, go to

REHEARSALS: Rehearsals begin September 3, the play opens October 11 and runs through November 10. Rehearsals regularly evenings and weekends with some 3-6 rehearsals during previews.

PERFORMANCES: Wed, Thurs, Fri 8pm, Sat 3 and 8, Sun 5. A few weekday matinees may be scheduled.

Character age ranges are subject to change as per casting.  Some roles will double, but doubling will be decided in the casting process.

YOUNG AMELIE POULAIN: A puppet, as in the 2019 UK Production

AMELIE: 20’s, still imaginative, still sees the best in things, still independent, but her independence might be growing into a more permanent state of isolation. (F3-F5)

RAPHAEL POULAIN: Amelie’s father, a clinical Army physician; orderly, sees the worst in things; finds his daughter incomprehensible. (B2-E4)

AMANDINE POULAIN: Amelie’s mother, a neurotic teacher, sees eye to eye with her husband. (G3-D5)

NINO QUINCAMPOIX: A loner and artist; unconventional good looks; independent, private. (Ab2-B4)

GOLDFISH: Young Amelie’s best friend. (F#2-D#4)

BLIND BEGGAR: Dyspeptic. (G2-F4)

SUZANNE SACRIPANT: Owner of Two Windmills Café, one leg shorter than the other. (G3-F#5)

GINA WELLS: Waitress at Two Windmills, a young widow. (G3-F#5)

GEORGETTE CORNUEL: Hypochondriacal tobacconist at Two Windmills. (G3-F#5)

PHILOMENE DE NOIRPOIS: Airline hostess; a habitue of Two Windmills. (G3-F5)

JOSEPH COTTARD: Gina’s mysogynistic ex-lover, a plumber, a habitue of Two Windmills. (G2-D4)

LUCIEN VILLEPARISIS: Childlike employee of the local grocery. (D3-A4)

COLLIGNON – Local grocer.

JULIEN DUFAYEL: Elderly recluse with degenerative bone disease.

DOMINIQUE BRETODEAU: Middle-aged man with regrets.

ELTON JOHN – Superstar. (A2-B4)

GARDEN GNOME: Cast in plaster, knee-high, heavy.

SYLVIE LEGRANDIN: Sex shop worker.

ADRIEN WELLS: Gina’s dead husband. (B2-B3)

Casting — General Information

  • Horizon accepts headshots, resumes and video links from actors who are located in Atlanta or who have Atlanta housing year round.
  • We appreciate link(s) to any video of your stage work you can provide – scenes or monologues.  We prefer 3/4 or full body shot video so that we can see you in a theatrical context rather than a film context.  You can also include a link to your reel, but any theatre video is better.  Also include a brief letter of interest that tells us something about yourself and what brings you to Atlanta.
  • We hold individual auditions for each show in our season which are publicized through AEA and Broadway World.
  • If you would like to be considered for a particular show, you may send your headshot, resume, and letter of interest, and we will do our best to call you in for that show.  But we have a small staff, so if you see a posting about auditions and you have not heard from us, submit your information as indicated on the posting.
  • Please note that Horizon Theatre Company does not offer local housing and therefore rarely uses out-of-town actors.
  • Horizon is a professional theatre company that hires both Equity and non-Equity performers on an SPT6 contract.

Please email your headshot and resume to (preferred) or mail to:

Horizon Theatre Company
Attn: Casting
PO Box 5376
Atlanta, GA 31107


If you are a designer and interested in working on a Horizon creative team, email your resume and portfolio to or mail to:

Horizon Theatre Company
Attn: Casting
PO Box 5376
Atlanta, GA 31107