Nobody Loves You

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Book & Lyrics by Itamar Moses
Music & Lyrics by Gaby Alter

Directed by Heidi McKerley
Musical Direction by Alli Lingenfelter

The game of love is on! Tune into “Nobody Loves You,” the show in which cluelessly self-obsessed contestants compete for love and adoring fans. When Jeff, a philosophy grad student, snags a spot on this reality dating show in trying to win back his ex, he breaks all the rules and attempts to expose its “authenticity.” That is until he unexpectedly falls into an onset love connection with Jenny, an enticingly prickly producer. Take a behind-the-scenes ride through this hilarious musical comedy about the intimate and gut-wrenching quest for love while millions of viewers watch.

“Nobody Loves You” hurls darts at its soft target with impressive aim, nimbly spoofing a subject you’d think would be spoof-proof–thus defeating odds tougher than your chances of landing a spot on The Amazing Racean agreeably snarky, zesty little musical.” The New York Times

“The show is fast moving, both funny and sometimes pretty sexy.” —Atlanta Arts Scene

“One of the funniest most entertaining shows I’ve seen in years.” —Asher PR


About the Musical and Its Writers

Welcome to this behind-the-scenes ride on the set of the reality TV dating show Nobody Loves You! Writing team Gaby Alter and Itamar Moses have created this hilarious, smart and romantic musical about the quest for love—while millions of people watch.  Nobody Loves You premiered at The Old Globe Theatre in San Diego with positive reviews from The New York Times, Variety, The Los Angeles Times and The Wall Street Journal.  Its success there led to a featured slot in the National Alliance of Musical Theatres Festival in NYC in 2012, where Horizon Co-Artistic Director Lisa Adler saw a 40-minute excerpt from the play with hundreds of other theatre professionals, and as Gaby said, “Our show was the belle of the ball.” Their reception table was swarmed with interested producers after the performance, and their topical musical was picked up for an Off-Broadway run at Second Stage Theatre where it opened to a coveted positive review from The New York Times.

Horizon is fortunate to be one of the first theatres in the country to have the chance to stage the show outside of New York City. Gaby and Itamar have been in residence at Horizon during our rehearsal period working on a new draft of the play to get it ready for wider distribution across the country.

Gaby and Itamar have known each other most of their lives, having grown up together in Berkeley, CA where their professor parents were friends. They both attended the same high school and NYU grad school for theatre at different times and ended up living not far from each other in NYC. Musical theater is a long journey from idea to hit production. Over eight years ago, they began brainstorming about writing a musical together about reality TV. Like most musical theatre, the current Nobody Loves You is the result of many years of readings, workshops and, finally, productions.

Here are some thoughts from our writers taken from several interviews in the past few weeks:

Itamar: The show is a smart, contemporary comedy that looks at a timeless theme – how you find real connection in a world of forced personalities. I think the idea of being vulnerable is sort of a prerequisite for having a meaningful experience of any kind.  Can’t connect with other people, can’t have real friendships, real relationships without vulnerability.  And vulnerability is sort of incompatible with performance. Not just on reality shows but Facebook and Snapchat and social media—we are able to kind of perform our lives, turn our social circle into an audience that each of us are performing for.  So we were interested in looking at how potentially toxic that is. And being aware of it doesn’t make you immune from that appeal.

Gaby: We aren’t above the excitement, the allure of fame and of people’s attention.

Itamar: I started watching The Bachelorette for research.  And I admit, I have not stopped watching… But audiences who have never seen a reality TV show have still loved and connected with the musical.

When we began writing the show eight or nine years ago, there was this question of “Do enough people know what reality TV is? Do we know what Twitter is?” Now the president, who was a reality TV star, communicates through Twitter…it is a comedy. This core idea of performance vs. authenticity and how hollow everything is when it’s built on performance instead of content has a terrifying new relevance.

Gaby:  So at Nobody Loves You, you can go to enjoy an easy romantic comedy, or you can take a step back and look at this deeper idea and allow yourself to reflect.

Check out this excerpt of Evan’s “Twitter Song” from Nobody Loves You:


Length & Content

Nobody Loves You runs 1 hour and 45 minutes plus an intermission.

Handicap seating limited for this production. Please call to reserve if needed.

Performance Dates

March 17 – April 30, 2017

Press opening: March 24, 2017


Wednesday, Thursday & Friday at 8:00 PM
Saturday at 3:00 PM and 8:30 PM
Sunday at 5:00 PM

Saturday, March 18 will NOT have a matinee


General Admission

  • Tickets start at $25 (plus 8% sales tax)
  • Prices are subject to change and will rise as performances fill up. GET YOUR TICKETS EARLY FOR THE BEST PRICES.

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Group pricing is available for parties of 10+. Groups of 10-24 receive $3 off the general admission ticket price. Groups of 25+ receive $5 off the general admission ticket price. Call 404.523.1477 x111 or e-mail for more information.

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Jeff: Patrick Wade
Jenny: Jeanette Illidge*
Byron: Brad Raymond*
Nina: Wendy Melkonian*
Megan: Jennifer Alice Acker
Christian: Ben Thorpe*
Samantha: Leslie Bellair
Evan: Austin Tijerina*

Creative Team

Director: Heidi McKerley
Music Director: Alli Lingenfelter
Scenic Designer: Moriah & Isabel Curley-Clay 
Light Designer: Mary Parker
Sound Designer: Rob Brooksher
Props Designer: Ryan Bradburn
Stage Manager: Julianna M. Lee*

*member of Actor’s Equity Association


  • “The show is fast moving, both funny and sometimes pretty sexy.  It features 19 numbers, done with great aplomb and with a live band backing them up… Brad Raymond is the show emcee, and he is spot-on for such a role… Austin also is a laugh riot when he comes on as Evan.” 

    Atlanta Arts Scene Review: Nobody Loves You


Audience Buzz


“This was the BEST performance I have seen in Atlanta. I love The Bachelor and this story was spot on!”

“The singing was spectacular, and the jokes were on point!”

“I left the show with a smile on my face and I am definitely going to recommend this show to my friends!”

“I was very entertained. I want the soundtrack! Great music.”

“Run, don’t walk to see “Nobody Loves You”. It’s HILARIOUS. Great cast – so fun!”

“Laughter all the way through, excellent voices, MUSIC was FANTASTIC!”

“Very topical and very good writing!”

“Acting is amazing, the singing by MC of NOBODY LOVES YOU is more than amazing. I wish I could buy a CD with his songs. True interaction of cast. They were so into what they were doing. The set was amazing. The director was right on as the characters moved around the stage. Excellent experience Band was awesome…really was on the spot with actors. Impressed with some actors having more than one role.”

“I laughed from start to finish!”

“Actors were believable. It made me think well after the play was over about what is important, what is real to yourself and others. More importantly “sellout” which we are seeing in our current political area!”

“Brad Raymond was brilliant. The cast is really perfect all around: Jennifer was great and I loved seeing the contrast with her role in ‘Da Kink, Leslie was spot on (though I’m not sure what could top her in the Toxic Avenger), Jeanette and Patrick were completely authentic and believable in their roles, and Austin really nails physical comedy and timing. He is one to watch for us and we hope to see more of him.”

“Throughout the show there was an ecstatic electrical energy that emanated from the audience trying to catch their breath from frequent  laughter. Moses and Alter seemed to be a great duo in creating a script, music and lyrics that are very rich with insights into both human behavior and the realities of today’s cultural addiction to voyeuristic T.V.  The melodies and lyrics were fresh, funny and catchy.  The quality of acting and singing was most impressive and the timing that made it a fast moving comedy was a testament to Heidi McKerley’s direction!  During one of the funniest scenes the audience broke out into uncontrolled laughter and applauds while the MC character, sang one of the songs a la Barry White. I am an avid lover of theater as are all of my friends—who have frequented theaters around Atlanta for over 35 years.  This play was the perfect antidote to the toxicity in our world right now which is why our “smile muscles” in our faces all hurt by the end of the show.”

Full review from Gary Pelphrey here
Horizon’s Nobody Loves Me blew me away when I saw it last weekend. I  don’t pretend to know much about music, but the first sound one hears in that play is Brad Raymond’s booming voice – I took off from there and didn’t land until everyone in the cast found someone to love, or maybe better, to be loved by.
If Brad doesn’t get an award for this performance, then we all should just encourage the free, unfettered use of everyone’s cell phone at every live performance from now on.
Along the way the cadence of the lyrics hit me hard. Written in perfectly pulsed rhythm, the word choices, in native millennial speak, made me think this is the kind of lyric Johnny Mercer would write, were he alive today.”