Jennifer Alice Acker

Jennifer Alice Acker (ROE: Sarah Weddington) is an Atlanta-based actor and director who hails from Connecticut. She is a graduate of Florida State University, holding dual degrees in Music and Theatre she has also studied with Theatre Academy London, The Globe Theatre (London), and apprenticed with the Atlanta Shakespeare Company.  After having appeared many times ON the Horizon Stage (Katherine, Freaky Friday; Megan, Nobody Loves You; Suzy, Da Kink in My Hair) she is thrilled to be joining Horizon on the other side of the stage, as co-director. Previous directing credits include The New York Music Theatre Festival, Synchronicity Workshop Series, The Fern Theatre Company and The Seedling Project. She sends her profound respect and thanks to this wildly agile cast, the incredibly thoughtful technical and creative teams, to Lisa for her support, Julianna and Kayla for making sure the ships always sail smoothly, and of course to the one and only Jeff Adler, for sharing the artistic reins with such a spirit of partnership and collaboration.