…The Great Comet: Request a Love Letter!

book, music, & lyrics by Dave Malloy

directed by Heidi McKerley

Write your own letter or note—or choose one of our letters written in the style of the show with 19th century flair and have us address it to your love/friend/mom who will be coming with you.


Love Letter Templates

LETTER A: For Romantic Partner

My Dearest [Name],
As I take up my quill to pen this missive, I am enveloped in the warmth of the hearth, its flickering flames mirroring the ardor that kindles within my breast. The ink, like the inkling of my affection for you, flows willingly upon this parchment, carrying with it the sentiments that words alone fail to express.

In the quietude of this chamber, I find solace in the recollections of our stolen glances, exchanged in the moonlit parlors of society. Your visage, a radiant beacon that outshines the stars, lingers in the corridors of my thoughts. With each passing day, the symphony of my heart resonates the sweet melodies of our shared laughter and the gentle cadence of our whispered confessions.

The very air seems to carry the scent of your essence, a fragrance that mingles seamlessly with the delicate notes of the garden blooms. How I long to stroll through yonder meadow, hand in hand, beneath the embrace of the weeping willows, their branches as tender as the words unspoken between us.

The quixotic dance of the candlelight casts a soft glow upon the chamber, reminiscent of the glow that your presence imparts upon my soul. In your eyes, I find a reflection of the boundless skies, where the constellations themselves pale in comparison to the brilliance of your gaze.

My dearest, let this epistle serve as a testament to the depths of my affection for you. Like a ship navigating the vast seas of love, my heart sails under the banner of your name. Amidst the tumultuous currents of life, I entreat you to be the anchor that steadies my restless heart.

With the utmost sincerity and an abiding passion,

Forever Yours,
[Your Name]


LETTER B: For Romantic Partner

My Dearest [Recipient’s Name],
As I take quill in hand, my heart swells with the fervor of affection, and I am compelled to express the sentiments that have taken root within my bosom.  

With each passing day, I find myself enraptured by the grace that adorns your countenance, much like the delicate tendrils of ivy that cling to the timeworn stones of a secluded garden. Your eyes, like sapphires gleaming in the moonlight, reflect the depths of a soul that resonates with a timeless beauty. The touch of your hand is as gentle as the zephyr that caresses the blossoms in the early morn.  It is the secret glances and stolen moments that kindle the flame of our affection.  

With every beat of my heart, I pledge my devotion to you, my dearest [Recipient’s Name]. May our love endure any trials we may face and emerge stronger, like a sturdy oak weathering the tempest.  Enraptured and devoted, I remain forever yours.

Yours Devotedly,
[Your Name]



My Dearest Mother,
On this day that honors the love and devotion, I find myself compelled to express the profound sentiments that reside within my heart for you, dear mother. As the world outside echoes with the tumult of changing times, it is to you, the steadfast beacon of my life, that my thoughts and affections turn.

Your presence, much like the comforting glow of candlelight in our humble abode, has been a source of solace and warmth throughout the seasons of my existence. Your unwavering love, akin to the hearth that keeps us enveloped in a cocoon of familial bliss, is a testament to the enduring strength that resides within you.

As I reflect upon the countless moments of tender care and gentle guidance you have bestowed upon me, I am reminded of the sacrifices made and the selflessness that defines your maternal grace. Your hands, weathered by the toils of nurturing and sustaining, have cradled me in times of sorrow and celebrated with me in moments of joy.

In the parlors of our home, where the echoes of laughter and familial chatter create a symphony of love, it is your wisdom that serves as the guiding melody. Your counsel, a beacon in the labyrinth of life, has illuminated the path to virtue and righteousness.

In this epoch where change is as constant as the ebb and flow of the tide, your love remains an unyielding anchor that grounds me in a sea of uncertainty. The letters of love and guidance you have penned in the pages of my heart are cherished treasures, to be safeguarded with the utmost reverence.

With each stroke of this quill, I extend my deepest gratitude for the love that knows no bounds and the sacrifices that often go unspoken. May the winds of time carry these words to you, my dearest mother, as a token of the enduring affection and filial devotion that resides within my soul.

Forever Yours,
[Your Name]


LETTER D: For Best Friend of Best Friend/Lover

My [Recipient’s Name or Salutation],
As I dip my quill into the inkwell of heartfelt emotions, I am compelled to express the profound sentiments that have taken root within the garden of our friendship. Amidst the cacophony of changing times, it is your companionship that stands as a steadfast beacon in the tempest of life.

The tapestry of our friendship, woven with the threads of shared laughter, whispered confidences, and the resilience to weather the storms of circumstance, is a testament to the enduring bond that unites us. In the parlors of camaraderie, where the strains of genuine connection resonate like a melodic sonnet, it is your presence that transforms the mundane into moments of extraordinary significance.

Oh, how the corridors of time bear witness to the countless adventures and shared triumphs that define our journey together! Like comrades on a battlefield, we have faced challenges and celebrated victories side by side. Your unwavering support emboldens my spirit in times of adversity.

In the quietude of our shared reflections, I find solace in the understanding gaze and the unspoken words that pass between us. Your friendship, much like a cherished heirloom handed down through generations, is a treasure to be safeguarded with the utmost care.

As we navigate the twists and turns of life’s grand tapestry, I am filled with gratitude for the rare and precious gem that is our friendship. May the fates continue to intertwine our destinies, and may the flame of our camaraderie burn bright through the pages of history.

With the ink of camaraderie and the parchment of cherished memories, I remain, now and always,

Your Loyal Friend (or Your Devoted Love and Friend)
[Your Name]