Tim Echols

From Commissioner Echols: “As a father of four daughters, the thought of one of my girls being used and abused by either a trafficker or a “customer” brings tears to my eyes. That same concern motivates me and many others to make sure it happens to not one single victim. Yet it does each and every day and night in our city.

As you view this play, please reflect on the following.
1. Knowing that foster kids are especially vulnerable to running away and subsequently being trafficked, is there a foster parent that you know that you can encourage today? Maybe you can foster a child yourself like my colleague Chuck Eaton at the PSC. It is such an important role to play.
2. If you have a daughter, let her know she is loved by you. If you are a dad, compliment her, buy her flowers and take her on special outings. Help her avoid males who might exploit or defraud her. It is a cruel world out there.
3. Learn all you can about trafficking and help others see the gravity of this problem. Some will go into law enforcement, others might help people in recovery. There are so many roles to play in this fight.”