Dave Olsen

Dave Olsen, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Rescuing Hope
In addition to his board service with Rescuing Hope, Mr. Olsen is the founder and president of NorthStar Payroll, a full service payroll operation with specialization in churches and nonprofits, and serving small to medium (up to 1000 employees) businesses nationwide.
About Rescuing Hope
Vision: To eradicate sex trafficking.
Mission: To enlighten the public about sex trafficking in America, educate potential victims and first responders, and empower advocates and survivors.
To Enlighten
-Bring awareness through Rescuing Hope, community, church, civic and small group events. People need to understand this problem exists and how relevant it is to them before they will be motivated to do anything about it.
To Educate
-Teach school and hospital personnel indicators of sex trafficking victims and help them establish protocols for responding.
-Teach business owners about the industry and how it can impact their productivity and bottom line.
-Evaluate social media apps, looking for ways traffickers could use them to lure unsuspecting targets into the sex trade, and make the information available to parents and students.
-Teach students how the sex trade works and explain steps they can take to make themselves a less likely target.
To Empower
-Empower and connect volunteers and advocates with organizations involved in the anti-trafficking movement.
-Support survivors’ transition from sexual exploitation by connecting them with resources needed to move from victim to survivor to thriver.
-Mentor survivors.