Amber Nash

Amber Nash (cast) is excited to bring this show to the Horizon Theatre’s audiences after years of drunk adults enjoying it at Dad’s Garage. Inspiration struck after watching one of everyone’s favorite made-for-TV Christmas movies on undisclosed network and Amber thought, improvisers could have a field day with this. Then she realized that she knew a real life screenwriter for these beloved movies, Atlanta theatre darling Topher Payne! Topher made the show a reality with his deft improvised narration, humor and love for the genre. It’s been an absolute joy every time they’ve stepped on stage to do it. They hope you enjoy the show.

This is Amber’s first show at Horizon and she is super stoked to add another notch to her Atlanta theatre bedpost. When she isn’t doing theatre in Atlanta, Amber is best known for being the voice of Pam Poovey on the FX animated hit Archer which just finished its 13th season. She is married to real-life flannel shirt wearing hunk and fellow cast member Kevin Gillese.