REVIEW: ‘da Kink Uplifts Atlanta

August 2nd, 2016

Broadway World Atlanta: ‘da Kink in My Hair Uplifts Atlanta

by Courtnee Miles       July 18,2015

As I’m conditioning my hair and applying every essential oil known to man on my scalp, I am reflecting on the production I saw yesterday evening. I had the pleasure of seeing ‘da Kink in My Hair at the Horizon Theatre in Atlanta. The play was nothing short of amazing. It was personal to me because as an African-American millennial woman, it reminded me of the joys, as well as the struggles, of myself, my mother, my mother’s mother, and even my mother’s mother’s mother (I hope you’re following me). This amazing musical captivated me with songs and rhythms of Africa and the Caribbean, while reminding me of where I come from.

Directed by Thomas W. Jones II, ‘da Kink in My Hair features a notable cast, such as Terry Burrell (Novelette/Ensemble), Maiesha McQueen (Miss Enid/Nia/Ensemble/Dance Captain),Minka Wiltz (Patsy/Shannon/Ensemble), Marliss Amiea (Sharmaine), Jennifer Alice Acker(Suzy/Ensemble), Jeanette Illidge (Stacey-Anne/Milly/Ensemble), Onya Russell(Sherelle/Trina/Ensemble), Janeva Sibdhannie (Claudette/Ensemble), LeAnn Dunn(Reign/Ensemble), and Percussionist Monica Carter. Completely diminishing the fourth wall,‘da Kink in my Hair engages the audience in a way that’s unique to it’s own.

BWW Review: 'DA KINK IN MY HAIR Uplifts Atlanta

Written by Trey Anthony, this production tells the story of women from all walks of life with one common goal- to be beautiful. West Indian stylist, Novelette, reassures the other characters that their beauty is much deeper than just a hair style. She tells them that it comes from within and that learning and accepting their own truths are the keys to happiness and internal peace. Thank you, Ms. Novelette, for inspiring me to embrace ‘da kink in my hair.

‘da Kink in My Hair is showing until August 28. For tickets and other inquires, you may contact the Horizon Theatre at (404) 584-7450.