Meet the Actors: Sonia

June 12th, 2015

Come behind the scenes of audience favorite, VANYA AND SONIA AND MASHA AND SPIKE, to meet the actors of this dynamic, hilarious, and moving ensemble show.

Lala Cochran backstage as Sonia

Lala Cochran backstage as Sonia

When you join us in our Bucks County, PA living room, the first character to speak onstage is Sonia.  Described in the script as Vanya’s “adopted sister, early 50’s, living with him in Buck’s County.  Discontent, upset, regretful,” Sonia opens the show as many of us start our mornings — with coffee.

Meet LALA COCHRAN, a Horizon Theatre veteran we are thrilled to have back playing Sonia…

What was one major inspiration for how you approached this role initially?
Sonia is, at first glance, difficult to take in. She’s a complainer, she’s melancholy and constantly threatening to kill herself. However, she does have a foot in the world of hopefulness. She somehow still manages to hold onto the hope that Vanya might change his mind, that she might meet someone at the party, that the blue heron will return. And this willingness to hope ends up paying a dividend for Sonia.

What trait or feeling do you share most with your character?
I would have to say getting dressed up and going to a party! I’m happy to report that I share most with the transformed version of Sonia.

Without spoilers, is there a moment in the play that you struggled with in the beginning? Why?
I can’t name a moment, but I’ll say that it was difficult for me to manage the quick changes of heart Sonia undergoes. One moment she’s really enjoying watching Spike “naked” in the pond and the next line she’s bemoaning her lot in life. These quick changes happen throughout the play and I really wanted to find the place that they were honest.

Favorite line of the week?
I’ve really started to enjoy, “I’m a crack addict!”