Tara Ochs

Tara Ochs is an actress, comedy improviser and writer based out of Atlanta, GA. She has also been working as a television development producer for six years, and has helped get a number of scripts sold to major networks and studios. Tara theater credits include Dad’s Garage (Ad Nauseam), Synchronicity (Ms. Holmes and Ms. Watson), Theatrical Outfit (Lost in the Cosmos) and 7 Stages where she wrote and premiered her one woman show White Woman in Progress. Her role in the feature film Selma inspired that story, and she’s got a few other film and TV credits that I promise you don’t remember her from. This is probably her first time performing on Horizon’s stage, except for maybe a staged reading or corporate gig?? Honestly, like this amazing collaboration, its all starting to blend together…  Thank you for supporting live theater – art is essential!