Minka Wiltz

minkaMinka has been acting for 14 years and singing for 31 years. She began her love/like relationship with performance when she was six years old and studied western classical vocal music with the Young Singers of Callanwolde (YSC) where she was forunate enough to sing on the stage of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra under the baton of the Grammy Award winning, Kennedy Award Winning conductor Robert Shaw. Her first plane ride was to the United Kingdom where she performed with YSC in London and Edinburgh. Minka completed her studies with the Young Singers when she was 14 years old and continued to study voice privately. After graduating high school Minka went on to University settings but opted to pursue a professional career in the theater which brought her to New York to briefly study at Julliard, the historic Negro Ensemble Company and then Atlanta GA where she wrote, co-produced, and starred in her first piece Three Weird Sisters which was performed at the 14th Street Playhouse.  She went on to become a three time Suzi Bass Nominee and a highly respected actor in the Atlanta Theater community where she has worked with The Alliance Theater, The Horizon Theater, The Actors Express, Synchronicity Theater, The Atlanta Opera, and Working Title Playwrights. Minka has just finished her fairytale operatic love letter Breathing Fire Moving Earth (BFME) which is a follow up piece to Shaking The Wind (STW) — a One Woman Show perspective developed at Theater Emory in their 2015 workshop series Breaking Ground while BFME was invited to participate in the 2016 Workshop Fellowship series Brave New Works as professional piece in development. She has written original music which has been included in BFME but will also be built into a new operatic sound built on Minka’s extensive training as an operatic singer and experience afforded her in the professional Atlanta theater community.