Marcus Tabb

Marcus Tabb is a rising junior at Clark Atlanta University. There he is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in theater arts. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Marcus has always found a home on the stage after landing the lead role in the school musical in third grade. Since then he has looked for ways to expand his craft on and off the stage. Marcus is a member of the CAU Players Club at Clark Atlanta where theatre majors bring ideas together to represent the theatre department as well as conduct workshops in order to educate fellow peers. Marcus has participated in multiple plays at Clark Atlanta University and Spelman college. He is also a member of the Morehouse chartered Atlanta University Center organization called NGAP, which stands for Next Great American Poet. Through NGAP Marcus participates in open mics, meetings and campus activities that encourages poetry as well as give back to the community. In the future Marcus plans on pursuing his masters in Theater Performance Arts.