Conzuela Sanford

Conzuela Sanford (Acting Apprentice), also known as Sway, was born in Atlanta, Georgia under the care of her mother with her three older siblings. Conzuela spent a lot of time talking to and playing with herself. She always held a silent passion for theatre and dance, but never quite held the confidence to go after it. She gained confidence in her craft during her college career, where she took on unexpected roles such as Patrice Lumumba and Mercutio and was cast as a member of Alpha Psi Omega National Theatre Honor Society. She believes it is the actor’s job to connect with the audience and provoke catharsis. She truly developed a love for acting and theatre when she realized it was not about how well she could deliver a role, but it was an opportunity to bring a character to life, a story to closure, and an issue to the light.


  • Attended: Albany State University
  • Studied: Speech and Theatre
  • From: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Favorite Play: RUINED by Lynn Nottage