Horizon at Home – Nope, That’s Just My First Name


Nope, That’s Just My First Name is taking a short break!

We’ll be back with even better episodes soon! Make sure you join our mailing list to stay up to date with our latest news: horizontheatre.com/email-list

“This performance was wonderful! I could have listened to many more of her stories. When she performs again, I will tell my friends so they can tune in as well.”

Jane Mashburn

Our first episodes were a hit with our Zoom audience!

So join us this week and onward for new chapters! We are now planning a weekly-ish series of Suehyla’s one-of-a-kind stories about being Muslim, Egyptian, and IN THE SOUTH, featuring different stories each time. You can join for one evening, or come for as many as you want. Each episode will start with a 5-minute recap, and then the audience will choose the “Chapters” they want to hear.  

Tune in every week to experience hilarious and provocative new stories and pass it on to your friends!

It’s always a “Pick Your Own Adventure” event as you choose what lane of thoughts/memories you want Suehyla to veer into! This week, choose from: N For Mom, People Who Need People, Porn in Cairo. A Whole New World, El-Attar vs Mississippi State University, Steak n Shake and Mom’s Vagina and The Power of Frogger.

A limited “live” audience of 20 will have their mics and video on and be able to laugh and converse with Suehyla and see each other – like live theatre! Or you can choose to just watch. The event will last about one hour.

The event is free but donations are appreciated to help compensate the artists in the creation process.