Review: When Bibliophile Met I-Pad

April 11th, 2016


Atlanta Theatre Buzz

4/3/2016       SEX WITH STRANGERS                                      Horizon Theatre

****½  ( A )


Olivia is snowbound in a writer’s retreat with popular blogger Ethan.  #SexEnsues  #BlizzardsRule

Ethan’s blog is about Sex With Strangers, chronicling anonymous hook-ups and inevitable abandonment.  #OMG  #CreepAlert

Olivia is the author of a single novel, well-received but basically unread.  She loves books, their feel, their smell.  Is skeptical of E-Books.  #OMG  #BibliophileAlert

Ethan loves Olivia’s book and posts it anonymously on-line.  It rides the coat-tails of his popularity and makes Olivia’s pseudonym a hot commodity.  #OliviasHot

Olivia’s second book is even better than the first.  A movie of Ethan’s Book of Blogs will probably be as bad as expected.  #ItsAllAboutCasting

A prestigious publisher wants Olivia’s book, but only as an E-Book prototype.  Olivia wants a hard-bound physical version.  But there’s incentive.  #BigBucksRule

A plot complication remains unsaid.  #SpoilerPolice  But it does strike at the heart of the E-Book vs Physical Book debate.  #CantBurnAnEBook  #CantButtDeleteAHardCover

What About Love?  Can words on a page lead to love?  Or hate?  #Duh

The delectable Megan Hayes returns as Olivia.  She’s Perfect.  And there are no Mutt-Monkeys to fight (Ethan excepted).  #MeganCatchingFire #HayesOnFire

Michael Shenefelt is Ethan.  Charming.  Creepy.  Also Perfect.  #ItsAllAboutCasting

Two Sets by Moriah & Isabel Curley-Clay.  One Snowbound Cabin.  One Apartment.  Both Filled with Personality. Both Perfect.  #DetailDevils

Jeff Adler directs.  Also Perfect.  #AdlersAlwaysDeliver

Summing up?  Words are Foreplay.  Words are Process.  Words are Climax.  Words matter more than Sex.  And Sex matters.  IMHO?  Words need to be touched. And smelled.   #ElectronicSensuality #Oxymoron

IMHO?  Reading an E-Book is an empty experience.  Like sex without touch or smell or taste. Like Sex With Strangers,  But, as empty experiences go, it’s not bad.  #WoodyAllenJoke

Laura Eason’s “Sex With Strangers” at Horizon?  A Not-Empty Experience.  It touches the heart and the mind and the libido.  #KeyWord  #Touches

— Brad Rudy (    @bk_rudy    #HorizonTheatre  #LauraEason  #SexWithStrangers)