Good Food & Championship Wrestling

January 23rd, 2013

waffle-house-outsideMy wife and I were traveling south on I-75 in Florida somewhere near Live Oak and decided it was time for a waffle. We stopped in, got the usual friendly service, and were soon happily eating away

This Waffle House sat next to a motel. In the midst of our meal two beefy guys came sprinting from the motel – one chasing the other. Was it a friendly race to the Waffle House? No, but they did come crashing through the doors throwing punches. Somehow a third guy, dressed like Crocodile Dundee, appeared as a very interested spectator. He watched intently for the outcome while perched on the edge of a table. We were all too stunned (or smart) to say a word. Within 2 or 3 punches and a shove thrown in for effect it was over and with a look from Dundee they ran back outside. Crocodile Dundee followed at a more leisurely pace while the other two fishtailed out of the parking lot in their separate vehicles to resume their chase.

I felt somewhat scattered from this but the “business as usual” expression on the cooks face smothered any comments I may have had. We finished and I left a tip that covered both service and entertainment. This is probably just one of many Waffle House stories that involves good food and championship wrestling.

– Eddie S.

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