Bring your food and help stock our shelves for Citizens Market!

May 3rd, 2018

For Horizon Theatre’s next production Citizens Market, we need to create a small grocery store onstage! That’s a challenge – and an opportunity. We can stock our shelves and benefit the community, too, through the STOCK OUR SHELVES FOOD DRIVE for the Atlanta Community Food Bank!

We are asking for you to donate food items to help Stock Our Shelves AND the shelves of the Atlanta Community Food Bank. During the production your donations will be featured on the set of Citizens Market (designed by Moriah and Isabel Curley-Clay), but after the production closes, every single item collected will go to the Atlanta Community Food Bank to support our community.

We will need a lot of items to fill our set’s shelves and the more we collect, the more goes to our community in need.
If you’d like to donate simply sign up for a donation with THIS FORM.
Then before May 8th, purchase 6-12 of your donation item (same label and style item) at a local store and drop off your contribution at Horizon Theatre. Examples of what would be good to bring are below!

If you want to contribute, but won’t have the time to deliver items yourself, you can help by donating money instead through our completely secure and tax deductible PayPal Giving Fund.

A donation of just $10 allows us to buy 6-10 cans of vegetables. A donation of $25 or more allows us to purchase a set of highly needed items for the Atlanta Community Food Bank, like canned Tuna, Natural Peanut Butters and Whole Grain items. Every dollar will make a difference.

Food Items are needed starting immediately, and we are collecting through Tuesday, May 8, 2018. You can drop off your items at Horizon Mon-Fri 9am to 11:30pm, Sat, 10am-11:30pm, Sun 11am-11:30pm. If you have any questions, or need to drop off your donation at another date or time, please reach out by contacting us at 404-523-1477 x100 or emailing: and we can make special arrangements.

Together, we can stock the shelves for our friends, neighbors and those in Atlanta who may need a little extra help from time to time.

Sample Items for Stock Our Shelves:

Dry Goods:

Barilla brand Pasta:
16 ounce packages:
12 boxes each type

Ronzoni brand pasta 16 ounce packages:
12 boxes each type

Mueller’s brand pasta:
16 ounce packages:
corkscrew pasta
penne pasta
100% whole-grain penne pasta
12 boxes each type

Zataran’s rice boxes
12oz boxes
Dirty rice
black beans and rice
8 boxes each

Minute brand rice boxes:
Brown rice 14 ounce box
white rice 20 ounce box
premium rice 14 ounce box
12 boxes each type

Near East brand rice:
5.25-5.5 oz boxes
original couscous
rice pilaf
Eight boxes each 

Kraft macaroni and cheese boxes 15 ounces:
whole grain
extra cheesy
12 boxes each

Idahoan brand boxed potatoes:
cheesy scalloped potatoes 4.94 ounce box
loaded baked home style casserole 5.11 ounce box
10 boxes of each

Stove top brand stuffing mix 6 ounce boxes:
lower sodium chicken
corn bread
8 boxes each

Quaker oatmeal canisters:
Five minute quick cook
Oats with raisins
12 cans each

Pop tart eight count boxes:
6 boxes each

Carnation brand dry milk:
9.6 ounce packages
12 packages

Hungry Jack boxed mashed potatoes instant 26.7ounce:
10 boxes

Quaker oats instant oatmeal boxes:
apple cinnamon 10 count (15.1 ounces )
original 12 count ( 11.8 ounces)
10 boxes of each

Cheerios, 18 ounce box
honey nut Cheerios, 17 ounce box
Lucky charms, 16 ounce box
frosted flakes 15 ounce box
shredded wheat 15 ounce box
6-8 boxes of each

Canned Goods:

Bush’s brand beans:
Best black beans 26.5 ounce can
garbanzo beans 15 ounce can
reduced sodium garbanzo beans 15 ounce can
12 cans of each 

Green giant canned vegetables:
corn cream style sweet corn 14.75 ounces
kitchen sliced green beans 14.5 ounces
8 cans of each

Libby’s brand canned vegetables:
Cream style sweet corn 15 ounces
cut green beans 15 ounces
whole kernel sweet corn lightly seasoned 4cup pack
diced carrots 4 cup pack
sweet peas 4 cup pack
10 of each can
8 of each – 4 count package 

Delmonte brand canned vegetables:
Fresh cut green and wax bean blend 14.5 ounce
fresh cut Italian green bean 14.5 ounce
fresh cut fiesta corn with red and green peppers 15.25 ounce
fresh cut white corn 15.25 ounce
8 cans of each

Del Monte brand canned fruit in 100% fruit juice, 15oz cans:
pear halves
pineapple chunks
fruit cocktail
sliced peaches
12 cans of each

Market pantry brand canned fruit, 15 ounce cans:
Mandarin oranges
no sugar Mandarin oranges
sliced pears
6-8 cans of each


Scott brand toilet paper:
12 pack 1000 sheet rolls – 6 packs
24 pack 1000 sheet rolls – 6 packages

Angel soft brand toilet paper:
pack of 12=24 regular rolls – 6 packages

Charmin brand toilet paper:
pack of 12=24 ultra soft rolls – 6 packages

Viva brand paper towels:
six roll packs  – 6 packages

Bounty brand paper towels:
eight roll packs, white – 6 packages

Sparkle brand paper towels:
eight roll packs, white – 6 packages

Bounty brand paper towels:
400 count paper napkins, white – 6 packages

Friskies brand of cat food 5.5 ounce cans:
Beef and gravy with meaty bits
shreds with turkey and giblets in gravy
tasty treasures with chicken and cheese and gravy
pate turkey and giblets dinner
12 cans of each

Friskies brand cat food 3.15 oz bag
Indoor delights – 6 bags

Nine Lives canned cat food, wrapped 4pack packages:
Chicken and tuna
meaty favorites
Tender morsels with real flaked tuna and sauce
6 packages of each

Purina beneful dog food, 3.5 pound bags:
Original with real beef
healthy weight with real chicken
8 bags of each

Lacroix brand sparkling water 12 pack of cans:
tangerine flavor
berry flavor
peach Pear flavor
3 boxes of each

SYFO brand sparkling water 1L bottles:
tangerine orange flavor – six bottles
wild cherry flavor – six bottles

Ritz brand seltzer water 1 L bottle:
6 – bottles of plain flavor
6 – bottles of lemon lime flavor

Bottled drink multi pack:
Mountain Dew bottles, eight count pack
6 packages

12 pack cans of soda:
Diet Coke
mug root beer
4 of each

Folgers classic dark roast coffee 30.5 ounce canister. – 6 canisters
Maxwell house original ground coffee 30.6 ounce canister – 6 canisters
Café bustelo espresso vacuum pack coffee 10 ounce brick – 12 bricks
Folgers classic instant single serve box, 7 count – 20 boxes

Celestial seasoning boxed tea bags:
fruit tea sampler 18 count
Jammin  lemon ginger 20 count
Peppermint 20 count
Honey vanilla chamomile 20 count
8 boxes each flavor

Lipton teabags:
black teabags 100 count
green teabags 40 count, matcha ginger tea 15 count, matcha mint tea 15 count
6 boxes of each flavor