Maria Rodriguez-Sager

MariaRodriguez-SagerMARIA RODRIGUEZ-SAGER (Marianne 
is happy to be working with the Horizon family again. Previous shows include Grand Concourse, The Waffle Palace and The Book Club Play. She was last seen at Aurora Theatre and Theatrical Outfit as Camila with In The Heights. Other work includes NYC: That Other Woman’s Child (Song of Solomon) at the 37 Arts Theatre; Atlanta: Kendeda & Reiser Lab Series at the Alliance, Synchronicity Theatre and Theatre in the Square. Episodic: TNT’s Good Behavior with Michelle Dockery and Dylan Kussman’s THE STEPS. Muchos thank yous to Lisa and Justin for inviting her to tell this story with such a lovely theatre familia. Love to John, Marty and Chef Alexis of Chamblee’s Union Hill Kitchen for without their support none of this acting thing would be possible. And thank YOU for supporting live theatre. For there is no US without YOU!