Christian Magby

After making his debut in Blackberry Daze last summer and musical directing The Ballad of Klook and Vinette, Christian returns to Horizon Theatre. As an actor, he has performed at Aurora Theatre, Alliance Theatre, Georgia Ensemble Theatre, Theater Emory, and Theatrical Outfit. As a musician, he has worked on several projects around Atlanta. His musical Mother of God recently premiered at the Atlanta Musical Theatre Festival last summer. He also worked as the music production assistant for the NBC/Universal film “Pitch Perfect 3.” He composed and music directed the musical short-film “The Boombox Saints,” which was selected for the Seattle Film Festival. Christian has also had the pleasure of composing and music directing for SCAD, University of West Georgia, Tri-Cities High School, Savannah Children’s Theatre, many churches, and his home- the Youth Ensemble of Atlanta. SCAD grad, 2016. To God be the glory.